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A + R Redesign

Objective: The online e-commerce website for LA-based design store, A + R, was in need of an update. The old website was difficult to navigate, contained too many links and features, and the checkout process was confusing. So I set about to create a redesign.


Stakeholder Interview

I first investigated the needs of the stakeholder in order to understand what the client wanted in terms of the website. To do so, we went in to the A + R store for an in-person interview with Rose, one of the owners of the store.


Key Takeaways

  • Emphasis on curation of content
  • Large amount of A +R sales come from the website
  • Website was a virtual showroom for trade inquiries
  • Owner personality adds editorial element to the store

User Interview


To hone in on the problems with the old A + R website, I user-tested tech-savvy online shoppers in their twenties by asking them to browse for an item online and add it to the cart.