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Chrome River Super Admin

Chrome River Super Admin is an administrative feature allowing select admin users (nicknamed "Super Admins") that use Chrome River software to manage security permissions for other admin users. 

Team: Van Ho

Prototype: View

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Version 1 - Granular Controls by Page

The initial iteration of Super Admin was conceptualized based off of requirements that administrative users with the given access should be able to control whether an admin user belonging to a group can View, Edit, or Audit a given screen.

While this iteration would work for the existing admin screens, it did place limitations on future admin features which might come to necessitate finer levels of control.

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Iteration 2 - Preventing Overrides

Once the limitations of allowing only Show, Edit, and Audit options for each admin screen became clear, we took a different approach in organizing the information. Each setting within the admin screen got its own row, with Allow, Deny, or Prevent Override being the options for each screen. 

Since each user can belong to multiple groups, in cases of conflicting permissions, Allow trumps Deny. However, to accommodate for the use case where one wants to quickly deny access to a specific feature for group, the admin can choose "Prevent Override" as a hard deny.