We Rehearse

Our client, WeRehearse, provides an innovative online video rehearsal platform where actors can rehearse their lines with dedicated readers. WeRehearse approached us seeking a redesign of their overall onboarding process.

Team: Liz Kim, Aaron Thomas


User Research

How do actors rehearse?

To better understand the core users of this website, we delved into the world of actors. We reached out to actors via various channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist, as well as personal connections, with a set of screener questions and a survey. Through this survey, we got a variety of responses that gave us valuable insight into actors' rehearsal routines.



  • Actors often get their sides at the very last minute - as a result, they rehearse anywhere - in a car, in their home, at a cafe, etc
  • Actors rehearse primarily 1) by themselves, 2) with friends, or 3) with acting coaches
  • When rehearsing online, they often use video software like Skype, Telegram, Zoom
  • It can be difficult to find available readers at a moment's notice
  • Rehearsing with others is helpful in running the scenes multiple ways
  • Many practice by watching themselves in the mirror or taping their practices

Identifying Pain Points

Now armed with a better understanding of actor routines, we sought to understand frustrations potential users may face with the existing version of WeRehearse. We conducted guerilla testing on new users, identifying any pain points that came up in the onboarding process.


  • The incentive for signing up was unclear
  • On-boarding process was overall confusing
  • Features of the dashboard were not made explicit, and the dashboard was mistaken for the profile page
  • Dashboard was too cluttered and features were confusing
  • Bugs got in the way of using the site

Competitive and Comparative Analysis

CC Analysis for this project centered on visual elements as well as complexity of onboarding process for other prominent actor related web services. At the time of this project, the film industry had yet to catch up in terms of advanced web displays. We sought to create an onboarding flow that was familiar while improving on existing flows.

Heuristic Evaluation

Key Findings Matrix

Throughout the course of our initial research, we identified many key findings which we compiled into a document shared with the stakeholders. Though the scope of our 2-week project was limited mainly to the redesign of the onboarding process leading up to a successful rehearsal, we sought to make as many recommendations as possible for the client for future undertaking.



How Actors Rehearse

WeRehearse in its current iteration provides services to two primary types of users: 1) those who want to rehearse with others and 2) those who would like to read for others, often for extra income. As a result, we initially developed two personas to work off of. However, throughout the course of our user testing, we saw the need to develop a third persona, who served as an amalgamation of many of our testers. In the end, we ended up with three personas, whom we kept in mind throughout our process.

User Flows


Bobby is working at his day job as a waiter at Cleo when his agent sends him a script and news that he got an audition at 9am tomorrow. Bobby’s shift ends at 12am, and Bobby desperately needs to read his lines with somebody. When Bobby gets home, he goes on his Facebook actor network to find a reader, but no one is willing to help this late during the night. Bobby also goes on Skype to see if his friends are available, but none of his friends are awake.

He remembers that someone told him about WeRehearse, a rehearsal website for actors. Bobby goes on the site and creates an account. Bobby then successfully books a rehearsal and practices his line with a reader, who he tips.

RESULT: Bobby is able to rehearse his lines quickly, from his home, and with someone familiar with the entertainment industry. He goes to the audition the next day and moves on to the next round of auditions.



READER SCENARIO (Returning User)

Alex, who is in Australia, has an hour of free time in her very busy schedule as an entrepreneur actor, director, writer. She logs on WeRehearse, a site that she frequents to make money as a reader, and turns on her beacon while she goes over her schedule for the next month. Alex receives an email alert from WeRehearse that an actor named Bobby Monroe is currently looking to rehearse for 30 minutes with someone. They have a successful rehearsal and Alex, whose reader level is Professional, earns $15 plus a very generous tip from Bobby, who gives her a 5 star rating.

RESULT: Alex successfully made some extra money in her free time while doing what she loves, simultaneously expanding her professional network and personal brand.


Rehearsal Bar

The rehearsal bar was a new addition we added in our redesign of the dashboard page. While the rehearsals, upcoming, pending, and past, were initially stored in a separate page, we moved it to the dashboard so that users were less likely to miss appointments or pending requests.


Read-Toggle Button

In our testing, we found that one user felt “rather stuck at this point” when she hit the dashboard. She wanted to read with others, but the only option that stood out to her was “rehearse now”.

We introduced a new toggle to the dashboard, which allowed those users who use the site for one specific purpose - to rehearse or to read - to turn their options on and off as necessary.


Chrome Bar

In our user testing of the initial website, we found that some Safari users were frustrated because while WeRehearse's WebRTC technology is not supported by Safari, this was not made clear to them until after completion of the sign up process. This made for a frustrating user experience for some users.

We introduced a Chrome bar, which would notify users upon first visitation that the site works best with Chrome, and provide a link for convenient sign-up if the user feels so inclined.

Deliverable - Medium Fidelity DesignS